Recycling old Paint Cans

After sorting through paint colors, buying a thousand of those pint-sized paint samples, and finally picking the right color for your DIY bathroom painting job, then realizing that an entire gallon of paint was way too much for your smaller-than-usual bathroom, you might be left with more than just a little bit of extra paint.  What to do with those paint cans and paint that you really won’t be using for any other projects?  Well, there are the wrong ways to get rid of the paint, like throwing it in the trash, and then there are the right ways to properly discard and get rid of those cans filled with soupy mixtures, which we will discuss.

First, you need to research if your town or city has designated times and places for you to properly dispose of your old paint.  It is usually recommended that you let the paint dry out first by leaving the lids off and letting most of the moisture evaporate, leaving behind not only less paint, but it will be crusty and dry and wont be spilling out onto everything.  Many times you can then bring it to either hazardous waste dumps, or designated recycling areas that accept paint and paint cans.  Find out by looking up your town’s website information, and it is most likely listed under “Public Works” – Recycling and Trash.   Every town has different rules, but if you read up on exactly how your town operates you will learn how to be a responsible resident by doing your part to properly get rid of things that aren’t bio-degradable.

When you are hiring a professional interior painting service, instead of doing the painting yourself, you can always ask how they get rid of their excess paint, and make sure that they are being responsible business owners by following proper procedure as well.  Do your research and ask questions.  Being curious instead of just guessing is always a better decision, especially when it comes to our environment.