Junkyard Finds

Most of us wouldn’t even have the mind to consider rummaging through a junkyard.  But if you are the sort of gearhead and penny-pincher person like me, you know you can save a bundle and find some pretty great re-purposable stuff in a good ol’ junk yard.   Especially if you have an older car that needs a replacement part, rather than shelling out major moola to a new auto parts company, spend some time and save some money by looking through a car parts junk yard. You’ll be surprised at the great stuff you’ll come across.  And you might also find just the part you need.  I’m a DIY kinda person if you haven’t guessed.  And there’s something therapeutic about rummaging and salvaging.. for me at least.    Sure a junk yard can be pretty intimidating, but after you’ve done it a few times it becomes easier and a lot of fun actually.   You can usually come away with some good finds at basement prices.   You’ll find there are a few different kinds of junkyards; the first is where you get to pick out items you want, and the second is where you put in a request and the junk yard owners see if they have it, and bring it out to you.  I prefer the first, not only because I like to get my hands dirty, but also because sometimes I’ll see something that I didn’t necessarily consider I might want/need before I saw it.   Another great thing about regular junkyard diving is that the good junkyards often have a lot of different junked cars coming in regularly. So you can find different stuff every time.

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